Inspiring you to revive the child within through faith-based art and therapeutic classes

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Change The Art is a brand owned and created by artist, Krystle Marriott. The products you will find on this site have been designed out of a desire to see people recover their sense of wonder, awe and joy and to draw out their own sense of creativity.

Our products are created with the goal of helping you revive your inner child by stirring up your imagination through our art collection. Our most popular collection is based off of the artworks from Krystle's Faith Like a Child series.

We hope to leave you inspired to keep the childlike faith, believing in yourself, God and others. Welcome to our store. We hope you enjoy all that we have to offer.

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The perfect way to bring family and friends together through art. Change The Art is happy to offer paint party services for you and your group of choice. Our paint parties are a great way to unwind with your friends and family in a positive atmosphere. You can choose between a virtual or art studio event.

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Kids' Classes

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Meet your Artist,

Krystle Marriott

Hear From My Clients

Jane Lavineway

I joined one of Krystal's paint classes a week ago. It was a lot of fun. We painted sunflowers. Krystal was very supportive and encouraging as she walked us step-by-step through the painting.

Chantal Fraser

On April 28, 2022, Krystle ran a virtual wellness paint party with almost 96 people attending live! Her relaxed and encouraging support as she clearly explained each step, while encouraging us to use our imaginations was absolutely wonderful. I'm delighted to recommend Change the Art for all your paint party needs!

Mackenzie Riley

Krystle is an amazing teacher. She is gifted at encouraging, and makes you feel comfortable and right at home. She led us in a holy spirit inspired paint night and most of us there felt healing and connection to God. I cannot recommend her enough

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Your Common Questions

How long are paint parties?

Paint parties are about 2.5 hours long including set up, clean up and step-by-step instructions.

How far in advance should I book?

How far in advance you should book is dependent on your paint party size. Larger parties (50 or more people) take more time to prepare for, so we recommend booking these parties about 1.5 months in advance. Smaller parties (10-49) people, take a bit less time to prepare but still require some notice. We recommend three weeks advance booking for these parties.

Can you do a virtual lesson?

We offer both virtual paint parties and virtual art lessons.

What if I don’t show up or have to cancel?

Change The Art requires a non-refundable booking deposit for all paint parties. Full payment for art lessons/sessions is also required prior to booking in order to secure your spot. For no- shows to a therapeutic art session or art lesson, you will risk losing your payment unless 24 hours notice is given to reschedule your lesson/session.

How many people can attend a paint party?

For in studio paint parties, a maximum of 10 guests are permitted to attend and in some exceptional cases, we can accommodate even more guests depending on the space available.

Virtual parties allow for even greater flexibility in the number of guests that can attend. Please contact us to make arrangements for larger than usual paint parties.

Can I do whatever I want with my final artwork?

All of our paint party templates are copyright protected. Your work can be shared anywhere but cannot be sold as this violates copyright laws. Feel free to message our team if you are unsure or have any other questions around this area.

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